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 In the event that a storm takes place and you have a tree hazard, call Flying Squirrel Tree Care, Inc., it’s our specialty.  We don’t outsource our phone and email, so you always get a member of our local team. 

Hazardous trees are a delicate and risky situation that requires an immediate response. We are always ready with our team and equipment to come out and assist in any type of removal.

Tree Trimming

Whether it's to improve your view or prevent any unwanted accidents, we are able to assist in tree trimming. We have performed regular tree trimming more times than we can count and are ready for your call.


Mastication can assist in removing some trees in the early stages, to allow the remaining trees to grow faster, stronger and larger. Over the past decade, Forest mastication methods have dramatically reduced wildfire hazards and greatly improved forest health.

Thank you for the great service. Amazed at the great work of taking the huge oak out that was right up against our house. No damage at all. Very courteous workers. Thank you again!

Kristina Spangle Hoheisel

Flying Squirrel Tree Service is the best out there. Rick and his crew did an outstanding job....created a new look of beauty for the house and lot here in LWW. We were faced with an insurance company’s requirements for coverage. Also, Rick and crew are very consiferate and courtesy. Cleanup was excellent. I recommend them highly.

Dee Leach

Excellent work, especially given they had to bring down big trees in close proximity to our house. Definitely recommended.

Trevor Westoby

Rick is awesome. Took care of 2 trees for me today one was rotting inside and it was over my propane tank and my power line was in the branches.

Lynn Loftis

Rick and his crew did a great job of clearing and topping trees on my property. We can't believe how much better everything looks, and only wish we had done it a long time ago. We will definitely be calling Rick and Flying Squirrel Tree Care again in the future for tree maintenance. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Metzgar

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